A real-time strategy with campaign and multiplayer
Setting is based on fairy-tales, folklore and cultural heritage

Project News

Attention to every unit in a battle

From small skirmishes with small units to large battles with the whole army, battles without conventions and with highly-qualified elaboration of animations and effects.

Dynamic events on the locations

Various points of interest will enable the player to find their own style of play. Both in the extraction of resources and in the fighting conduction.

Unique campaign for each race

Everyone has their own motivation to lead a war. Some events will take on a completely different color after passing for other sides and will allow you to define the ending differently in each campaign.

Meet the heroes of folklore

Characters and stories of fairy tales familiar from childhood will open from a new, more brutal and livel side. You will discover many creatures and heroes for the first time.

History of the world

Since ancient times, the world has been inhabited by various creatures. The central continent and the most fertile lands were occupied by people, one of the young races …

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About development

The project is created by a small team of specialists in their spare time from commercial projects in the field of computer graphics. Experience and developments for more than seven years of work in the industry allow us to conduct such an ambitious project as a real-time strategy. The game is primarily a challenge for all of us, an opportunity to show creative endeavors in a big business.


When will the game be released?

Several years after the start of the main development.

And when will you finally start?

As soon as we complete the vertical сut and get an investment, or find a bag of gold. In any case, we will try to finish the project by all means.

What platform is the development on?

Unreal Engine 4. Most likely we will switch to the 5th version next year.

Will there be a multiplayer?

The main goal is single-player campaigns for each race. Multiplayer will be subject to the availability of finance. We would like to complete both..

How many hours of gameplay are you planning?

At least 10 hours for each race. The plot has a lot of intersections but the story is unique for each side.

I can model, draw and dance. How can I help the project?

The modest lack of a budget does not yet allow attracting specialists, but we are always glad to accept any voluntary assistance to the project. Write to us on social networks or email.

Well, tell us how it ended.

Thank you for your interest in development. Follow the news.