And so, what have we been doing there for the last month:

We made a couple of updates for the competition. We made it to the semifinals!
We will polish the build, there is no end and edge to it.
We rolled out a demo of the prebeta prototype build for the competition.
We started a Discord server.
We gave it to poke the build in discord, fly in.
Made a number of systems from scratch.
A lot of old bugs and shortcomings have been fixed.
We found even more bugs and shortcomings.
Finally, we added plastic for version control.
Found a super-cool specialist in history and folklore.
Made several new units.
We haven’t made them an animation yet, but here we go.
I updated the design doc, nothing at all, but already 300 pages so far.
Partially drew a new interface.
We made a minimap so that you could poke on it.
40,000 little things were tested.
We made the cursor, now it is almost as it should be.

We are looking for real nerds, it is important for us to hear your opinion on the RTS genre, its problems, its beauty. We will discuss the games that have already been released, share our experience and wishes in strategies.
All of them here, guys. I am happy to chat with everyone who is interested in the genre or gamedev in general. I smell the skin. Haven’t you joined yet?