The project is created by a small team of specialists in their spare time from commercial projects in the field of computer graphics.

Experience and developments for the period of more than seven years of work in the industry allow us to conduct such an ambitious project as a real-time strategy. The game is primarily a challenge for all of us, an opportunity to show creative endeavors in a big business. The lack of resources in the time frame certainly affects the development, we are not always happy with the result, there is not always an extra budget to attract the specialist we need.

But we are confidently moving forward! We meet a response from the guys from the developers’ community. We gladly accept help, advice or criticism. But in fact there are several of us guys, as well as a whole squad of Juns whom we try to teach and mentor, each of them helps us a lot, depending on their free time and skill.

Actually, why such a genre and such a setting?

The decline of the RTS market in recent years is one of the reasons to implement such a product, which is lacking not only for ourselves, but also for many other strategy lovers. In addition, the basis we have chosen for the setting is full of a large number of characters that we would like to show and reveal from the adult side, in a more brutal, life-like manner.

We try to highlight interesting personalities from fairy tales, come up with an interesting background for them, explain to the player the background and motivation of creatures and heroes familiar from childhood. We devote a lot of time to researching folklore, the game will have many characters that have long been forgotten in dusty bestiaries and rare fragments of folk art. References to historical events, interesting monsters from our culture, story events and varied gameplay will increase the player’s desire to explore our world.

And what about the gameplay?

Building of the Base, economics, resource extraction – here also the mechanics of various RTS of the past, already beloved by the players, are being modernized and supplemented with various points of interest and events that will not let you get bored, even if you decide to play defensively. Various gameplay solutions at locations in the story campaign will reward the player in their own way for their chosen style of play. It will be profitable to study the location and expand the zone of military influence, but there is always a risk of stumbling upon an ambush of enemies, or not having time to return the main army to defend the base.

But do not forget about research, a number of locations are planned where the player partially or completely controls the main character or a small detachment throughout the mission. The surroundings and fullness of each map will help the player to immerse themselves in a fabulous and unexplored world.

The plot campaign for each side will differ in its own story and its own motivation for each side, often locations in the plot will either be unique for each individual race, or cover other time periods and show key events from different angles.


Thank you for your interest in the project.