Humans were far from the first race to populate the Kingdom. They are also the most numerous race in the world. One of the ancient kings held power in his hands for a long time, until his reign fell and the kingdom was broken up into small baronial cities. After several hundred years, during which the kingdom was ruined , the son of a blacksmith, who found the cherished alatyr, became an acknowledged person, a new king, who was loved and supported by his people, and later Ivan Tsarevich took this power into his own hands.

They live in the central part of the mainland in good conditions for crops, a large variety of animals, a variety of forests, fertile lands, and the kingdom also owns a part of the mountain archipelago and several nearby islands. At the moment, Tsarevich, having established and built most of the kingdom, is waging a war against Swins and evil spirits, gathering his best troops, building fortifications and outposts, organising long and dangerous campaigns.



Unlike other races, they have almost no innate witchcraft and supernatural abilities, their strength is in numbers, variety of weapons, and buildings. They have a clear hierarchy and structure of troops. Feuding with Swins and undead.



Ivan’s ancestor, Granislav the Rebel, started a civil war against the barons, in which he relied on the recently found Alatyr and the ordinary people. Subsequently, Ivan took power into his own hands, reviving the once great kingdom. After the appearance of Alatyr, he used it in almost all possible industries. In the fight against evil spirits and Swins, he showed great military leadership and tactical abilities. A magnificent fighter who outlived the dangerous “Veshten” tests and hard tests of fate. Masterfully wields a sword, is cold-blooded, forehanded and devoted to his warriors, fights with them shoulder to shoulder.

Tsar Grad:

The largest and richest city in the state. The millennial development of Tsar Grad was visible from the very entrance to the city. The towering spiers on the watchtowers at the entrance were striking in their beauty and power. The stone fortifications, it seemed, could not be demolished by anything in this world. In addition to strong walls, the city was defended by three nearest outposts – one on the main road, another near the witch’s forest, and the last one at the foot of Svyatogor mountain. Since the city, as it should be, was the center of trade, many people from all over the kingdom flocked here. People were by no means fools, having gone through a huge number of battles, they were well aware of the importance of strategic buildings not only of the main city, but also of other settlements. More and more architects, builders and masons were sent to strengthen large and medium-sized cities and villages.

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