The world has been inhabited by various creatures since ancient times. The central continent and the most fertile lands were occupied by people, one of the youngest races, while the most numerous. As they developed, large settlements, cities, and later huge kingdoms appeared. The greatest period of prosperity, the world was obliged to Koschei. This is one of the wisest kings of the past, who managed to unite all people, stop wars and send troops of people to look for new lands.

Over the time, the strongest state had to be transferred to someone in the reign, but the tragic fate of the king deprived him of his heirs and his wife. Those close to the king, realizing that he had already lost his mind from old age and grief, kindled riots, dismantling the power for themselves into small baronial parts. The king managed to almost pacify the rebellion, but failed. The mysterious disappearance of the king did not bother ordinary people, busy with internecine minor encounters. The kingdom was rapidly declining.

This lasted for many centuries, until in one inconspicuous farm, a simple blacksmith was lucky enough to find Alatyr. A stone with wonderful properties, helped to start a new war. Simple peasant people, united against the barons. The son of a blacksmith Granislav is a rebel – in a few years he defeated the ruling elite of power, thereby becoming a national hero, and later a king proclaimed by people. For several generations, the family of the heirs of the blacksmith rebuilt the country, equipped cities and gathered troops. At the time of the development of the game, Ivan Tsarevich is a full-fledged ruler, whose goal is to equip the main territories, to repel the attacks of the nomadic tribe of Pigs and numerous evil spirits, who knows where from where they are gaining strength.

In addition to people, evil spirits and Swins, the world was full of other wonderful creatures who do not care about wars at all, but it is becoming more and more difficult for them to survive, so they are forced to defend their territory and choose their allies. A very large part of the northern territory of the kingdom is occupied by an ancient forest, where neither people nor Swins prefer to meddle, for the most part it belongs to the witch Jadwiga, and it is inhabited by neutral spirits or evil ones.

In contrast, the entire east of the state is occupied by a mountain archipelago and “Svyatogor Gora”. This is one of the most fertile lands, fields and meadows. This part is inhabited by peaceful people and peasants. Suffering all the frequent raids of Pigs. North and center are the most populated and protected areas.

Gold has always been the main resource, but in recent years Alatyr, a rare mineral that gives strength to all races, has been more valuable. Healing properties for people and giving power to evil spirits and Swins, the stone, its extraction is one of the main tasks for all races.

A very cruel world and time in it. When the question of survival is acute, it is often necessary to make a deal with conscience or greed. The choice between a person’s life, an alatyr or a simple piece of bread is not always obvious.