Evil spirits

It is the most unstructured race. Remnants of Koshchei’s terrible experiments, angry souls, dishonestly killed, drowned women who were once humans – wicked or spirits of forests / fields / rivers and lakes, pity, baginka, lobasta, etc. Each individual controls its own habitat, each has its own way of fighting,as well as story. It is difficult to form such a diverse army into clear ranks of soldiers, in fact, only Koschey, with his dark, unknown magic, can control them. It is difficult to call any union of evil spirits precisely “union”, it is rather the compulsion of Koshchei, or a hopeless situation in which the only way out is to fight with an opponent along with your own kind. They are distributed almost all over the world, but unlike people, they do not know fatigue, therefore, they arrive much faster when they are called. They are forced to attack people defending their territories.



There are no certain types of weapons and the integrity of the formation. Each has its own habitat. The magic of Koshchei is the only thing that can unite so many different, bloodthirsty creatures. Alatyr mines are grown separately as a semi-living plant. They differ from people and Swins in their high ability to magic.


At first glance, she is discouraging with her youth and beauty. But the appearance is very deceptive, it has ruined even not one life of accidental travelers, and even strong pellars tried to bypass the Witch’s forest. In infancy, she acquired the strongest cursed witchcraft power after Jadwiga’s own mother wanted to drown her. They say that that day, unknown creatures rescued a little girl from the fast river, and the mother, who came to her senses and came to look for a child in the river, was drowned. They say that she was raised by Mavks, who were rarely seen by people returning across the river at night.



He is the main fear of both evil spirits and all living beings. He was able to regain strength and power after an ancient battle with people in which he practically won. For a long time there were rumors that he died at last. The power of his witchcraft and natural charisma easily subdues both ancient creatures and ordinary evil spirits. Often, even without the use of enchantments, Koshchei’s authority wins more and more adherents to his side. Even the demons close to him do not completely understand his motives. But the evil spirits are ready to go after him only so as not to be killed by people ..