Folks that existed before the first era. The people are primitive, they speak poorly in view of the structure of the throat and ligaments. But they know the common language. Deadly squads avoided roads, preferring seemingly impassable thickets and spinneys. But, despite all their massiveness and number, in some unknown way, they knew how to walk silently. But at the same time, this had almost no effect on their combat readiness. At any second, the Swins in a moment could become defensive, it is almost impossible to take them by surprise due to their natural sensitivity to sounds. And if their hearing more than once saved them from death, however they were deprived of sharp eyesight. Thick fur is not afraid of frosts, insects and is even able to endure not strong strikes. Physically, they are similar to people, only have upright posture and palms with long claws. They use primitive clothing made of thick skins, occasionally they wear jewelry in shape of rings in the ears, steel bracers or belts for carrying small weapons. Oddly enough for this type of creature, they have their own priests, beliefs and even a legend of their origin. They do not wander aimlessly, as it might seem, they are attracted exactly to the large deposits of the alatyr.


They differ from other races by a clear hierarchy of the community. Use only classical melee weapons. They have no permanent habitat. They have no allies and avoid them in every possible way.

Acorn Clan:

Responsible for the extraction of alatyr, forging weapons, control of food supplies. Basically, it is they who are engaged in the extraction of resources in temporary settlements, which they choose by themselves.

Ax Clan:

The best warriors of all. As far as individuals rarely mixed between clans, natural selection brought out the most persistent and strong fighters. These are the creatures which least of all resembled hogs. These are the highest, so to speak, in the case of Swins, “ranks.” It was this clan that attacked villages and farms.

Trough clan:

The largest individuals, many still move on 4 hooves. These were used as animals / tunnel diggers / tractors. They had an intelligence level similar to that of dogs. A kind of relics even among Swins, the smallest clan. There was no big use in bringing them out to the Swins. They did not help in battle, the nomads did not have much luggage, and it was rather difficult to feed such carcasses.